10 Ways to Help Your Personal Injury Accident Case

November 27, 2020

Personal injury claims may seem out of your control.  However, when you are injured in an auto accident, slip and fall, workplace injury, or any other accident resulting from someone else’s negligence, there are steps you can take to help your accident case. Below are ten things you can do to help you win your accident case:

1. Take Photos of the Accident Scene

Photos are extremely helpful in proving your accident case. Therefore, it’s important that you take photos of the accident scene, any damaged property, and your injuries as soon as possible. 

2. Keep Written Records of What Happened During and After Your Accident

Some accident injury cases may take longer than others. It’s important to have a detailed record of the accident and the series of events that took place following the accident, as these details may become fuzzy over time. Include as much information as possible, including any pain you have experienced since the accident, any communication you’ve had with anyone about the accident, and any exchange you may have had with the responsible party. You can include anything you’d like in this detailed account. The more information you include, the better chance you’ll have of securing a fair settlement.

3. Go to Every Doctors Appointment and Follow All Medical Recommendations

Canceling or failing to show up to scheduled doctors appointments can seriously hurt your personal injury case. Opposing legal teams or insurance companies may argue that your injuries are not as bad as you claim, or that you are not doing all you can to mitigate the damage from your accident. 

4. Request Written Excuses from Your Doctor for Missing Work

While most employers no longer require a written explanation for missing work for medical reasons, it’s still important that you have the documentation for your case. Having a doctor’s note will help you prove the amount of time you’ve missed work and will also strengthen your case by providing a medical claim to support any requests for compensation of lost wages.

5. Don’t Talk About Your Case with Anyone Other than Your Lawyer

While you may want to speak with your spouse about your accident, it’s important that you keep your case details confidential from friends, coworkers, and other family members. It is best that you only speak about your case with your lawyer, as any conversations you have with others may hurt your accident case. 

6. Avoid Posting About Your Accident on Social Media

Even though you may want to share information about your accident on social media, it’s important that you limit your social activity during the course of your legal case. Insurance companies and opposing legal teams often use social media content to prove their case. Ensure your social media is private and refrain from posting anything personal on your account.

7. Provide Requested Documents On Time

You will need to complete different documents throughout your case. It’s important that you complete these forms fully and in a timely manner so your personal injury lawyer can process your case more efficiently.

8. Ask Questions

You should be fully aware of everything that is happening with your case and your health. If you don’t understand something or if you have doubts, you should consult with your attorney or doctors to get a better understanding and clear up any confusion. Clear communication will ensure you heal properly and receive full compensation for your losses.

9. Be Patient

To receive full and fair compensation, your attorney must collect a lot of important information. After you’ve been in an accident, your accident attorney may collect witness statements, legal reports, medical paperwork, and more. Insurance companies may also take time to respond to requests, so it’s important that you remain patient. The worst thing you can do is settle too soon, as you will not receive the full compensation you deserve.

10. Get Help from an Experienced Personal Injury Accident Lawyer

People who hire a personal injury attorney to handle their accident cases typically receive more money than those who do not. Even after attorney’s fees, they usually retain more compensation than those who do not have an attorney. 

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