Construction Falls a Leading Cause of Death

October 25, 2019

Construction jobs in the United States are some of the most lucrative. A thriving economy leads to growing cities and a seemingly endless amount of construction work. Over the past few years, as the future of the economy becomes less certain, finding new jobs has been challenging. This leads to less safe work conditions and workers overlooking safety infractions that can prove deadly.

Falls Account for One-Third of Construction Accidents

OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) reports that “falls” are the leading cause of work-related deaths and account for a third of all construction-related deaths. Falls are a deadly problem in all industries, and nearly half are the result of falling from scaffolding, ladders, or rooftops.

When a worker begins a job above the first floor, the risk of fall increases due to many factors including open sides, opening in the walls or floor, poorly constructed scaffolding, and misuse of ladders. While there are several safety protocols that construction sites should employ, including guard rails and restraints, many do not.

Construction employees and those who work in situations at risk for construction falls should ask their employers for details of their “fall” prevention plan. OSHA requires companies to implement fall protection procedures. Even with fall protection equipment installed on the worksite, the risk of falls may still exist due to incorrectly or improperly maintained equipment and inadequate training.

OSHA’s Fall Protection Rules

Employers have certain obligations to maintaining employee safety and preventing falls. OSHA’s Fall Protection Rules state that employers must:

  • Place guard rails on every floor hole
  • Install toe boards and guardrails
  • Provide guardrails to prevent falls into dangerous equipment, regardless of height
  • When appropriate provide safety harnesses and lines, handrails, and safety nets
  • Keep floors clean and as dry as possible
  • Keep working conditions free of dangers
  • Provide personal protective equipment
  • Adequately train workers about job hazards

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Construction Falls are a Leading Cause of Death




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