Defective Roadway Accidents

April 3, 2020

Road design and maintenance have improved significantly due to major advances in roadway technology; however, poorly maintained and defective roadways still cause many car crashes. Experienced personal injury attorneys, like those at Saladino & Schaaf, are familiar with defective roadway accidents and identifying who is liable.

Most defective roadway accidents are caused by poor roadway design or insufficient maintenance. Understanding the cause of the accident will help better identify the party responsible for your accident.

Poor Road Design

Poorly designed roads can create hazards that lead to severe accidents. These design flaws can make the roadway dangerous to drive on and may result in multiple accidents in the same area. Following are examples of types of poorly designed roads:

  • Insufficient Road Signage – Missing signage that provides the driver with sufficient notice of upcoming obstacles or changes in the road pattern.
  • Dangerous Curves – Accidents are more likely on roadways with tight curves that are difficult to navigate at the posted speed limit. 
  • Narrow Lanes – Some roadways may have lanes that are too narrow for cars to pass each other safely.
  • Steep Embankments – Drivers may lose control when their tires cross over a steep embankment or drop-off.
  • Confusing Road Markings – Damaged or faded road markings may make it challenging to navigate a roadway.
  • Blind Intersections or Driveways – These are intersections or driveways that are difficult or impossible to see when approaching from the main roadway.
  • Lack of Guardrails – Missing guardrails may cause a car to run off the road, over a steep embankment, and increase the risk of head-on collisions.
  • Visual Obstructions – Improperly maintained shrubs or other visual obstructions might prevent a driver from seeing the road ahead or important signage that warns of upcoming road conditions or patterns.
  • Uneven Roadways – Uneven patches on the road may increase the risk of a driver losing control of their vehicle. 

The state-level or local transportation department may potentially be responsible for defective road designs. 

Poor Road Maintenance

A road that is poorly maintained may also be the cause of a car crash. Following are examples of road maintenance issues that may lead to a car crash:

  • Landscaping – Overgrown grass or bushes may impede a driver’s ability to see the upcoming road or road signage.
  • Potholes – Improperly maintained roads may have potholes or other defects that cause a driver to lose control or damage their vehicle.
  • Debris – Debris can end up in the road due to cargo falling from vehicles, items blowing into the street, dead animal carcasses that have not been removed, or construction remnants.
  • Gravel or Oil – Gravel or oil may make a road slick and difficult to drive on. 
  • Poor Salting – Roadways that have not been adequately salted or plowed to prevent black ice and other factors may cause accidents.

Road maintenance is often the responsibility of a contracted company or the state or local municipality. An experienced attorney can review your case to determine who should be held liable for your injuries.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an auto accident that you believe to be caused by a defective road, it’s important that you reach out to an attorney as soon as possible. 

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Defective Roadway Accidents are often caused by poor road maintenance and damaged signage




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