Why Was My Car Accident Claim Denied?

February 5, 2021

Many Americans trust insurance companies, hoping they will cover their expenses should they experience an accident. Unfortunately, insurance companies are for-profit companies and will look for any opportunity to save money. Often, insurance companies do this at the expense of the insured.

So what happens after a car accident, when your insurance company refuses to cover your medical bills, lost wages, or other accident-related expenses? When your insurance company denies your accident claim, it’s crucial to review their decision and recognize bad-faith insurance practices.

Reasons for Accident Claim Denials

Following are some of the most common valid reasons an insurance company may deny your claim:

  • You Could Have Avoided The Accident: If the insurance company has reason to believe you could have avoided the accident, they will likely deny the claim. These reasons may include driving while under the influence, distracted driving, or letting an unlicensed driver use your vehicle.
  • Failing to File a Timely Claim: Failing to file a claim as soon as possible after the accident could result in your claim being denied. Insurance companies may believe the injuries or damages in your claim may not be a result of the accident. 
  • Lack of Medical Documentation: It’s essential to speak with a doctor and keep all medical injuries documentation. If you fail to provide this documentation, the insurer may deny your claim.

Bad-Faith Insurance Practices

While insurance companies are expected to act in good faith, they are in the business of making money, and their insurance adjusters have found many loopholes to avoid paying claims. An insurance company acts in bad faith when they fail to fulfill their contractual obligations with the insured. These bad-faith practices may include:

  • Refusal to pay a claim they owe.
  • Failing to explain the reason for a claim denial.
  • Failing to respond to or deny a claim promptly.
  • Failing to conduct a complete investigation.

Contact An Attorney Experienced In Insurance Settlements

Insurance companies are continually looking for ways to reduce the settlement amounts or deny claims altogether. An experienced attorney understands these tactics and can help you get the compensation you deserve. 

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