Automobile Accidents: Top Most Fatal

May 7, 2019

While all automobile accidents can prove fatal, some are more likely to result in fatalities than others. Following are a few of the types of car and truck accidents that often cause the greatest risk of injury and death.

Head-On Collisions

Starting with the most dangerous, head-on crashes need little explanation. When two cars are traveling toward each other at 50 mph and crash, the resulting impact is comparable to a crash at 100 mph. This is a prime example of Newton’s 3rd Law, which says that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. For this reason, head-on collisions top our list as the most fatal type of car crash.

T-Bone Accidents

T-bone accidents get their name from the shape made by two vehicles when the front of one hits the other vehicle’s side. These types of automobile accidents are common at intersections, as cars cross in front of each other. These accidents are extremely dangerous because side impacts offer less protection than the front and back of the car. The front and back of a vehicle offer engine space and trunk space to minimize impact; however, the sides of the car are much more vulnerable.


While a collision between two cars is bad enough, many accidents result in pile-ups. These accidents happen because drivers are not aware of what is happening in front of their vehicle or around them. Also, many times drivers cannot respond quickly enough to an accident that occurs in front of them. These accidents are extremely dangerous, as drivers experience impact from both the front and back of the vehicle. This may make it more difficult for the driver to escape. Further, drivers involved in pile-ups are exposed to additional hazards like flying debris, fires and explosions.


We’ve all heard of the dangers of rollovers, but these types of automobile accidents are common and can lead to extreme injuries. Larger vehicles like SUVs, pick-up trucks, and vans are more likely to roll over than smaller cars, but any make and model is susceptible to rolling over in certain conditions. Often rollovers occur because the driver is attempting to avoid a road hazard. Fast, sharp turns or overcorrections can cause a vehicle to roll over. Rolling over eliminates control of the vehicle while crashing and can make escaping the vehicle extremely difficult.

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Automobile Accidents Can Be Fatal




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