Can Social Media Impact My Personal Injury Case?

July 6, 2020

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have all made their way into mainstream life by allowing users to share their thoughts and feelings with others. These social media sites can, however, impact your personal injury case. So it would be best if you were mindful when using social media during your case.

Social Network Posts are Public Record

You have no reasonable expectation of privacy when posting on a social media site. Insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, and others may legally use this information against you in a court of law.

Proof of Credibility Through Social Media

One of the defense’s primary jobs is to put your credibility in doubt and provide evidence that minimizes your injuries. Insurance companies will thoroughly review your social posts to find evidence that contradicts your injury claim. If you claim to have a debilitating injury, but post photos showing you dancing at a party, or zip-lining (even if the picture is from a past event), the defense could try to make it appear that you aren’t honest about your injuries.

Social Media May Impact Your Pain & Suffering Claim

Most people use social networks to highlight the best parts of their life. These can sometimes give a false sense of the actual struggles of daily life. The same interpretation can be used in court by a defense attorney. Whether you are posting happy memes, photos of your pet, or any positive posts of your life, a defense attorney may use these posts to prove that you have not lost enjoyment of life due to your injuries.

How to Use Social Networks During a Personal Injury Case

If you have been injured in an accident and are pursuing a personal injury case, you should immediately ensure that social media does not impede your case. Take the following measures when approaching social media:

  • Stop all social media activity immediately following the accident.
  • Consider temporarily disabling your social networks.
  • If you keep your social account active, ensure that you have set the highest security levels on your account to prevent outsiders from viewing or sharing your posts.
  • Don’t create any new social media accounts.
  • Do not accept new requests from friends or followers.
  • Tell your attorney about your social network accounts.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney

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Social Media and Personal Injury




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