Car Accident Pain: What to Expect After a Car Crash

October 1, 2021

Following a car accident, your body fills with a rush of adrenaline. This adrenaline rush can increase your threshold for accident pain and will last a few hours or maybe even until the next day. As your body adjusts and your brain chemicals return to normal, the pain will likely start. Even if you seek medical attention and receive treatment for your injuries, you may have new and unexpected soreness in the following days. This is typical and something every accident victim should expect in the weeks after the crash.

What Car Accident Pain Can I Expect?

Car accident injuries can vary in severity depending on the force of the collision, the type of crash, the victim’s health status, and any pre-existing conditions. Strains, sprains, whiplash, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal cord injuries are a few common injuries resulting from a car accident.

The length of time you are in pain depends on several factors, including your placement in the vehicle at the time of the accident, the sizes force of the collision, and of the vehicle(s) involved in the accident.

Everyone experiences pain differently, and some may not hurt as much as others with the same injuries due to their pain tolerance. While this may not affect the severity of an injury, it does mean that someone with a lower pain tolerance may take longer to recover.

Delayed Accident Pain

It isn’t uncommon for accident victims to experience delayed injury symptoms after an accident. It could be days before you experience pain and soreness. While some injuries have signs that don’t present for several days, others are shielded by the adrenaline rush that follows a catastrophic event.

While a doctor may have checked you out after the accident, you may experience additional pain later. It’s essential to follow up with your physician, as it could be that your treated injuries are just now starting to hurt, or you could have injuries that weren’t detected on the first visit. If you didn’t see a doctor immediately after the accident, make an appointment as soon as possible or visit your local emergency room.

You may need to see a specialist for certain injuries and pain. Your primary care physician should be able to review your symptoms and recommend the right doctor for your situation.

Recovering from Car Accident Pain

Your doctor will recommend ways to ease your pain. Common treatments include pain medication, physical therapy, epidural steroid injections, surgery, and electrical nerve stimulation. Additionally, rest and hydration often help the healing process.

Unfortunately, some car accident victims are left with chronic pain. Persistent pain can result from back injuries, neck injuries, head injuries, and broken bones. Chronic pain can have a significant impact on your quality of life and livelihood. If you are in a situation where chronic pain has caused you to lose your job, stop working, change jobs, or has left you unable to participate in regular activities, you need to get in touch with a car accident attorney immediately.

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