How to Apply for Kentucky Medicaid and What to Watch For Once Accepted

March 1, 2019

Medicaid provides the essential service of healthcare for needy and low-income residents throughout Kentucky. In order to successfully apply for Medicaid in Kentucky  applicants must first prove eligibility for the program. Once accepted, recipients must understand how to navigate the complex system—especially when it comes to long-term planning and personal injury settlements. Hiring a lawyer familiar with Kentucky law is the best investment you can make for protecting your interests. 

What You Need

Gathering important documents in advance makes completing the required forms less stressful. In addition to your complete name, social security number, and contact information, you’ll need to provide the following information:

  • Proof of U.S. citizenship—or legal status
  • Proof of Kentucky residency
  • Income statements
  • Current health information
  • Medical history details
  • Information on other household residents

In Kentucky, the size of a household determines eligibility and benefits. Additionally, if you are applying on behalf of other family members, you must supply the above information for each member.

How to Apply

Kentucky residents can apply for Medicaid online or via mail, phone, or in-person. Online applications are submitted via KYNECT. The online process may involve a two week or longer processing period before applicants receive an answer.

The Department for Community-Based Services handles in-person applicants. For residents who choose to apply via the phone or by mail, the response time is typically slower than an online application.

Personal Injury Settlements and Medicaid

Personal Injury Settlements—

When a Medicaid recipient accepts a personal injury settlement, they may lose their Medicaid benefits and have to reimburse Medicaid for monies paid by it for accident related medical coverage. A Kentucky lawyer with Medicaid experience can assist with Medicaid reimbursement as part of your personal injury claim resolution.

Dealing with a personal injury often involves emotional stress. Dealing with forms, deadlines, and ensuring a fair outcome for you or your loved one is best left to a skilled lawyer. Protect your interests and those of your loved one by contacting the offices of Saladino & Schaaf today. Located in Paducah, Kentucky, Saladino & Schaaf serves clients in western Kentucky and the surrounding region.

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