Prevent Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents

September 3, 2021

Experienced bikers may be frustrated to constantly hear the same safety advice presented repeatedly in the media. Most understand that wearing helmets and safety gear increases their chances of survival in motorcycle accidents. Additionally, most people are aware that motorcyclists are uniquely vulnerable on the road. Bikers must remain hyper-attentive, alert, and sober to avoid deadly accidents.

Regardless of all the media coverage and widespread knowledge of the dangers motorcyclists face, some safety advice slips the attention of less experienced bikers. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory on avoiding some of the most common types of motorcycle accidents.

Left-Turn Motorcycle Accidents

Left-turn accidents are one of the most frequent types of motorcycle accidents. A left-turn accident happens when a motorcycle is approaching the vehicle’s left, and the motorist doesn’t see the biker, either due to reduced visibility, inattentiveness, blind spots, or inclement weather. This is not the motorcyclists fault.  However, defensive motorcyclists can attempt to avoid this type of accident by driving at a safe speed, remaining alert while approaching the left side of a vehicle at an intersection, and placing themselves in the best position to avoid an impending collision. 

Blindspot Accidents

As mentioned above, a motorist’s blind spot is a problem for many accidents involving motorcycles. Bikers must try to stay out of these blind spots as much as possible. If a car or truck cannot see the motorcycle in their mirrors, they may change lanes and cause a collision.

Following Too Closely

Finally, keeping a safe distance between your bike and other vehicles is an easy way to minimize risk. In addition to having more time to react to other motorists’ actions, you are less likely to be crushed between two vehicles if someone does hit you.

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Common Motorcycle Accidents




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