Motorcycle Safety Gear

January 17, 2020

While most motorcycle enthusiasts could tell you about the many types of motorcycles, provide insight into motorcycle engines and maintenance, additional consideration must also be given to motorcycle safety equipment and protective clothing. Before a motorcyclist leaves for a ride, they should ensure that they have the following essential safety equipment and clothing:

  • US Department of Transportation (USDOT) approved helmet
  • Face, Eye, and Ear Protection
  • Protective Clothing


While registered motorcycle owners over the age of 21 are allowed to ride without a helmet in Kentucky, statistics show that wearing a USDOT approved helmet significantly reduces your risk of severe injury and death. To determine if a helmet is USDOT approved, you should check with the helmet manufacturer. In addition, you should consider the following when selecting a helmet:

  • The helmet surrounds the head with a hard shell, typically made from a resin fiber composite
  • The helmet has a face shield and protector
  • The chin strap is always used to keep the helmet secure
  • The helmet is well-made, using strong rivets and includes a liner that absorbs the shock from any direct impact

Helmets typically come in three types: full-face, three quarters, or half shell. The full-face helmet will provide the most protection and should include all of the above specifications. Head injuries are common in motorcycle accidents, so wearing a full-face helmet could save your life.

Face, Eye & Ear Protection

Whether you use a full-face helmet or not, you still need to ensure that your face, eyes, and ears are protected. Even with a face windshield on your motorcycle, you could still be injured by flying debris, including small pebbles or compacted dirt. To adequately protect your face, eyes, and ears, you should ensure that the protective gear you use:

  • Is not just a pair of sunglasses, which does not adequately combat flying debris
  • Is puncture and impact resistant
  • Does not have scratches
  • Allows for a full peripheral view
  • Is secured by fasteners and difficult to pry loose or come apart
  • Allows for appropriate ventilation

Protective Clothing

While head protection may be considered the most crucial motorcycle safety gear, consideration should also be given to clothing. When skin meets asphalt or flying debris, you can suffer severe damage. Clothing can act as a secondary layer of protection from debris or collision impact. Wearing the right kind of protective clothing may not prevent damages completely, but it may lessen your injuries. Ensure the protective clothing:

  • Covers your arms and legs fully
  • Fits comfortably, but still tight enough to not flap or come loose
  • Offers maximum protection but doesn’t overheat the wearer

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Motorcycle Safety Gear Saves Lives




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